Unsure of the dancer but photo is by Don Curry


This may very well be my favorite pole video of all time. It has every element that I love in pole. Insane advanced tricks, grace, hot people, twerking, an amazing sense of humor to the whole thing and even some crumping.


Amazing Marlo Fisken nopainnopolegain:

Amazing Marlo Fisken nopainnopolegain:

Amazing Marlo Fisken





Bendy Kate’s winning performance at the World Pole Dance Championships 2014.

I remember seeing her winning performance at the UKPPC 2012 and thinking it was the best routine she had ever done - she’s an amazing pole dancer but her choreography wasn’t always that exciting or great. But since then every routine has been amazing.

Agreed - I always thought she was incredible but I never found her choreo all that exciting. But she’s rapidly gone from being “a really amazing pole dancer” to “holy fuck why can I not be this woman” in the past year or so.

I see a new pole crush coming up here

Oh so many lovely transitions. 

She is always raising the bar for herself and I love it. 

She also really inspires me to work on my handsprings and press ups.